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Michael J. Lucia & Associates is a San Diego based financial management firm that provides individuals and business owners with financial, investment and insurance services through H. Beck, Inc. With over two decades of dedicated service to our clients, we are keenly positioned to help you plan for your financial future.



Mike-LuciaMichael J. Lucia, CFP®, ChFC® and CLU®

With an expansive and successful track record, Michael J. Lucia, CFP®, ChFC® and CLU® has been providing comprehensive financial management services to investors and business owners since 1992. Michael believes that his success --- as well as the clients’ success --- is built on quality relationships. His business beliefs center around establishing and maintaining these client relationships, and offering meaningful and sound investment advice. According to Mr. Lucia, “without a quality relationship, investment advice and strategies are a dime a dozen.”

Mr. Lucia’s client-centric practice is all about understanding an investor’s challenges --- personal, professional and financial. He believes that by understanding these various challenges, he makes better investment decisions for clients and avoids unsuitable financial products or vehicles that may not be appropriate for their goals or risk tolerance.

Michael offers securities and investment advisory services through H. Beck, Inc., member FINRA & SIPC. H. Beck, Inc. and Michael J. Lucia & Associates are not affiliated. CA Insurance License #0A94540

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RickRichard Casciaro, Financial Advisor

With over 10 years in the financial services industry, Rick loves what he does.He is committed to bringing his clients through a simple and logical financial planning process to help them preserve, accumulate and transfer their wealth.Rick has recently been awarded Orange County’s 2010 Five Star Wealth Manager of the Year (Orange Coast Magazine).

Rick graduated from Georgia State University with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree in Finance.In addition, his undergraduate work was done at Marquette University with a Bachelors of Science (BS) degree in Business Administration and a specialization in Marketing.

As in investing, Rick takes a long-term approach to life.Rick and his wife Lisa have been married for over 19 years and he is looking forward to the next fifty plus years together.Rick and Lisa live in Anaheim Hills California with their two sons Aiden and Gavin.As a former Commercial Airline Pilot, Rick has a passion for flying and enjoys taking his clients and their wealth to greater heights.

Richard offers securities and Investment advisory services through H. Beck, Inc., Member FINRA, SIPC. H. Beck, Inc. and Michael J. Lucia & Associates are not affiliated. CA Insurance License #0D02538





CheriCheri L. Blair, Financial Advisor

Cheri L. Blair has been serving and empowering women, pre-retirees and retirees, business owners and their families with financial services for over 23 years. Joining MetLife Financial Services in 1994, she created and presented empowering informational seminars and workshops to inform, support and inspire “Women Financially”. She continues to develop plans and options for women, their businesses and families. 

Cheri joined Michael J. Lucia and Associates in 2011, welcoming the opportunity to partner with the thriving, comprehensive financial services organization to provide an institutional level of service that offered a more personal experience for her clients.

Throughout the years, Cheri’s philosophy has remained the same. She believes client relationships must be steeped in trust. She understands her client’s financial goals and what is most important to them. Maintaining a client-centered practice, her client’s needs come first. Cheri supports guides and educates her client in making informed financial decisions for today and the future! 

Cheri offers securities through H. Beck, Inc., Member FINRA, SIPC.  H. Beck, Inc. and Michael J. Lucia & Associates are not affiliated. CA Insurance License #0B42369



Mike-SmithMike Smith, Financial Advisor

Mike has enjoyed a successful career in the financial services industry for the last 7 years. As well as being a CPA Mike has a well rounded view of the financial world. Mike enjoys assisting people with their financial planning, helping them to achieve a confident retirement future.

Mike lives in El Cajon with his wife Laura and his 4 children, James “Juicy”, Charles, Sam and Mia. Mike and Laura have been married for over 15 years and enjoy all that life brings and look forward to many more years. Mike enjoys several hobbies like surfing, fishing and time with his family.

Mike offers securities through H. Beck, Inc., Member FINRA, SIPC. CA Insurance License #0E33530





Russell E. Ingledew Russell Ingledew, Certified Public Accountant
R.I. Financial Services, LLC
La Jolla CPA

Russell E. Ingledew has over 25 years of experience working in tax planning and preparation for individuals, business entities, nonprofits, trusts, and estates.

At Russell Ingledew, CPA, Inc., clients benefit from both the personal attention provided, and the resources and experience associated with a firm serving over 200 businesses and 400 individual clients. Mr. Ingledew takes great pride in the community and those he serves in it.

Russell Ingledew is a native of La Jolla, California. His experience, education, and personalized customer service set him apart from other accounting professionals in the area. Mr. Ingledew has been a licensed CPA since 1986. Mr. Ingledew graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Accounting-Taxation and has taught on the subject at San Diego State University. He has also served as a controller and CFO for both public and privately held companies.

Russell offers securities and investment advisory services through H. Beck, Inc.. R.I. Financial Services, LLC is not affiliated with H. Beck, Inc.. CA Insurance License #0G20668. 1128 Wall Street, La Jolla, CA 92037.




Michael S. Taylor, Licensed Sales Agent
MJL Insurance Marketing Solutions

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone:  (530) 701-0326

Mike has had a successful career in sales and customer service. He is now using his skills to help and advise clients with Medicare, Health, and Life Insurance choices. Mike specializes in an array of products to help solve complex challenges that many of his clients face. Mike enjoys assisting people with their insurance needs and helping guide them in making important life decisions. Although Mike has dedicated his career to helping others, he appreciates the time he spends with his family. He also enjoys outdoor activities like golf, water sports, and mountain biking.

CA Insurance License #0E87698. 555 W. Country Club Lane, C250, Escondido, CA 92026.





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