Retirement Income Planning


Investors work and save their entire lives with the hopes of a safe and secure retirement. However, the transition from saving for retirement to income distribution during retirement is a topic that most investors may be unfamiliar with.

At Michael J. Lucia & Associates we assist clients in the creation of a retirement income plan that can help them generate inflation-adjusted income for life while reducing market risk. This may be achieved through various financial products.

Components of a Retirement Income Plan

    • Retirement Income Goals & Projections
      Upon reviewing each client's income goals, Michael J. Lucia & Associates provides advice regarding the range of retirement income the client's portfolio should be able to sustain.

    • Retirement Income Tax Management
      Reducing taxes during retirement may have a significant impact on a retiree's spending power. We help clients understand which accounts to take distributions from first, when to consider larger distributions or investment re-characterizations, and strategies for balancing portfolio income with other income sources.

    • Fixed Income Investment Strategies
      The list of fixed income investment options may be daunting — Bonds, CDs, Fixed Annuities, Immediate Annuities, Money Market Accounts, Structured Notes, Ginnie Maes, Municipal Bonds, Target Income name just a few. We help clients understand which investment options may be most effective.

  • Growth Investment Strategies
    Retirement is still a time when many investors need to maintain an exposure to growth investments in order to provide potential long-term growth that keeps pace with inflation. At Michael J. Lucia & Associates we help clients determine which growth investments are most appropriate for their retirement income goals.

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There are risks involved with investing, including possible loss of principle. Investments will fluctuate and may be worth more or less than when originally purchased.






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At Michael Lucia & Associates we have an extensive track record serving the needs of high net worth investors.


At Michael Lucia & Associates we have an extensive track record serving the needs of high net worth investors.