Financial Planning


Developing a financial plan is a key component to helping you make informed decisions with confidence.At Michael J. Lucia & Associates we begin each client relationship with an analysis of current financial holdings, a determination of the appropriate risk tolerance and time horizon, and a review of short-term and long-term goals unique to each client.

Following on the initial analysis, we prepare comprehensive financial plans that provide our clients with a detailed "x-ray" of their current scenario as well as a road map outlining how we feel they can pursue their financial goals.


Components of a Financial Plan

While many client needs and goals are unique, so too is each financial plan. See below for a list of the typical components included in our standard financial plans.


Portfolio Holdings & Net Worth

A detailed examination of current assets and liabilities organized by account classification, tax status, annual savings and account owner.


Cash Flow & Budget

A review of current cash flow, expenses and budget OR a projected analysis of inflation-adjusted retirement cash flow. Both with an analysis of tax implications and strategies for reducing the impact of taxes on cash flow.


Education Funding

A plan for funding children's or grand children's education as well as an analysis of the various account types available, tax implications and how to balance the dual goals of education funding with planning for retirement.


Investment Portfolio Management & Asset Management

The development of an asset management program that balances each client's risk tolerance with their long-term objectives with the goals of reducing risk exposure and increasing return.


Tax Planning

A review of the tax implications of various investment accounts and individual investments in order to help clients form portfolio growth and income distribution strategies that create favorable tax scenarios.*


Retirement Planning

Transitioning from the stage of portfolio growth (pre-retirement) to the stage of portfolio income distribution (retirement) requires an understanding of income protection and strategies for generating inflation adjusted income for life. Michael Lucia & Associates excels at developing strategies that balance fixed income investments and growth investments in order to sustain inflation-adjusted income for life.


Estate Planning

An evaluation of the client's estate to develop strategies and techniques for reducing estate taxes and other costs. Recommendations are also made to assure that the estate is distributed according to the client's wishes.


Risk Management & Insurance Planning

A review of the client's current insurance and possible alternatives can provide the client with adequate levels of protection for their family, portfolio, income and estate. Michael J. Lucia & Associates works to develop specific ideas on how each client can best protect themselves and their family from future uncertainties.


Plan for Your Financial Future

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* The information in this website is intended to assist you with tax planning, but is not intended as tax advice. If you have specific questions regarding your personal tax situation, you should consult an accountant who specializes in tax issues and advice.





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At Michael Lucia & Associates we have an extensive track record serving the needs of high net worth investors.


At Michael Lucia & Associates we have an extensive track record serving the needs of high net worth investors.